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We went into Eden
A landscape so green
Rivers running freely
So much to be seen

An abundance of colours
Flowing so much love
Unbridled creativity
The blue sky above

Flowers blooming sway softly
In the gentle breeze
And the earth it keeps us grounded
So much beauty at our feet

Our children so amazing
Yet a story to be told
Trust that they will make the changes
That we’re longing to hold

As we step on the pathway
Of this journey of life
Walk with us throughout Eden
And know that all will be fine


You can dance with the unicorns
Fly to the moon
Chasing butterflies over rainbows
Or have a superhero make you swoon
Why not visit a little fairy
In a magical mushroom house
Make a wish or 2 to find true love
While watching the drifting clouds


Posted: January 18, 2015 in Poems
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I’m sorry
I thought you didn’t exist
When I first went to see you
You had disappeared
I thought it had all been a dream
My imagination playing tricks
So I continued with life
None of it had happened
And when
Fours year later
They began to write about you
I told them to take it off
It didn’t happen
You didn’t exist
And a year later
My response was the same
It does not exist
And again 14 years later
The same thing
And now
18 years have passed
And you give me no choice
I see you clearly
I see you watching
Making sure we’re safe
You made sure I’d see the name
And I understand
I know
I know that you exist
And you want me
To release
The guilt I feel
Next time
I will allow them
To write about you
Next time
I promise to
Acknowledge you
And as of now
I will think of you
I will love you


Posted: January 8, 2015 in Poems
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When you meet her eyes
Across the room
A slight glaze
And a knowing twinkle
That others see
But do not
Quite understand
Yet they’re intrigued
By the mystery
It is you that gets it
That gets her
You protest
Or rather
Remain silent
As if to deny
What you desire
And you know
When you catch her eyes
And see the light
The magic
That encapsulates you
That once you feel
Her warm lips
Wrapped around you
It will feel like

2015 Hello!

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Hello there! I haven’t ventured down this path in ages! And now, all of a sudden, I find myself staring into the eyes of 2015, and boy does it feel good!

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done some creative writing and I have missed it! Ok, ok, that’s a blatant lie. I have been writing. I’ve been doing some extremely creative writing. So creative that, hmmmmm, well I can’t even tell you about it! Sorry! It’s all a bit to creative (inappropriate) for this lovely blog, even if it is called Provocative Prose.

This is really just a quick hello to let you all know that I’m still here and that I will be posting some poetry over the next few weeks.

Earlier this evening I was browsing through documents on my phone and found quite a few poems that I had written last year and never posted.

When I write poetry, I don’t sit with a pen and paper mulling things over for hours. I generally write my poems in 15 minutes on my phone, while I’m on the bus on my way home from work. A thought will pop into my head and I just run with it in the manner of doing a sprint rather than marathon!


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Should I just settle? Should I accept that this is my lot? Get on with it and make the best of a situation?

Those are the thoughts going through my mind right now. And these thoughts, they bring tears to eyes.

I don’t want to just get on with something that makes me desperately unhappy. A situation that has made me unhappy for at least a decade.

Their silence
It spoke volumes
Their lack of
As I walk
And think
Cuts deep
You’ve failed
It screams
In my ears
The fight
Was futile
Many years
I have tried
And now it feels
That the battle
Is over
The good
Gone to waste
The ever persistent path
Where I lead the way
Is disappearing
And it hurts
Like a heartbreak
They didn’t even say