Come along
On a journey
To a place
Where never a cloud
On the horizon appears
Dancing across sand dunes
Shining energy
Glistening on skin
To reach the waves
That lap gently
Over feet
At least a mile
Of pensive walking
And in the background
Children play
Families feast
Lovers kiss
Senses explode
The sights
The sounds
The smells
A starfish in the sand
A song
That insists
The night will be good
Fragrant aromas
Meander through the air
In shallow waters
Tiny fish
Swim around and over
As if the body is one
With the earth
Vibrant chiffons swirl
In oranges and pinks
Reminiscent of
A sun that will sleep
Under the glimmer
Of the full moon
That is resting
On the water
The only sound
To be heard
Is that of a lone guitar
Strumming the song
Of the Gitano
The sky
A sheet of black velvet
Scattered with diamonds
Holding close
Sultry dreams
The one
In your ear
Welcome to
My Happy Place


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