Little Boy

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Poems
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One little boy
Wanders like a lost soul
Unsure if he wants the world to look
Or just leave him alone

His dad will refuse
To accept something’s not right
And rather than be calm
He’ll just shout and fight

The more this keeps happening
The more the boy reacts
One day he may decide
To never come back

Mum has always known
That he’s not your average boy
And she’s trying to find
A way to bring him joy

But she feels like she’s failed him
Life is meant to be good
All she sees is a sad little boy
Who’s misunderstood

Dad doesn’t want to speak to him
Like he purposely done wrong
How will he get through this
How can he be strong

Unconditional love
Is what’s most in need
Patience and understanding
Will help him free

The worries and troubles
That toil through his brain
The little boy needs to end
The relentless strain

But mummy promises
She will always be there
Regardless of the drama
A commitment to care

My little boy
We’ll make it through
Please remember always
My everlasting love for you


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