I have an unhealthy obsession with films which involve natural disaster. You know the the kind of thing, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Armaggedon, Deep Impact, to name but a few!

Even though I have these films on DVD I will still watch them when they come on tv, that is how much I love them.

Yesterday I watched Day of the Triffids, (based on the book by John Wyndham of the same title written in 1951), the film has the crazy, walking, human eating plants. At the start of the film the whole world was out watching an eclipse type thing when there was a big flash and they all went blind. I would have been one of those blind people because I so would have been out there! I’m always out staring at the sky, marveling at the moon and star gazing.

With regards to the plants that were just going around town like ‘say they run tings’ I began thinking that it is not altogether an impossibility. Alright, not quite how I put it but, there are carnivorous plants, like Venus Fly Traps, so I wouldn’t be surprised if deep in the Amazon there were giant, killer, human consuming plants!

I was thinking I had digressed but I guess carnivorous plants could still be a natural disaster, so after going blind I’d probably be the first to be gobbled up!

I generally only watch the news when there’s a natural disaster occurring, (I do read real news in the papers everyday!) or in the case of England, when there’s snow. And if I’m home I will watch that disaster all day long.

One of my life long ambitions is to go storm chasing. I know it’s crazy and with the amount of people who die, verging on morbid, but I would love to have the opportunity to try and outrace a tornado and get caught in a giant hail storm. Wow! That would seriously make my year!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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