All in a Fluster

Posted: November 16, 2013 in NaBloPoMo, Thoughts and Opinions
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I think I’m perimenopausal. I know it doesn’t even sound like a real word, but I promise you it is, I checked the Oxford Dictionary to make sure!

According to my Women’s Health Bible, (1 of my best purchases ever!) ‘…You may notice typical patterns as your body begins the 4- to 10-year transition out of its reproductive phase and into the perimenopause …’


So this is the part where I tell you all far too much information about myself! For 8 or 9 years I have had a 28 day cycle. The only time that changed was when I was pregnant and after having baby number 3 it went back to normal. But, this year that has all changed. About 8 months ago my cycle changed to 25 days, quite annoying but at least I’m not second guessing if the withdrawal method has failed me… Again!

So I was getting used to that when, in September, I began having hot flushes. Now they really are a pain! Anyone who has hot flushes will know how uncomfortable and at times unbearable they are. That feeling of heating up from within and it rising to the surface, feeling a bit heady, and then struggling to find a way to cool down.

I begin getting used to the hot flushes too when nature decides to change things up again. Last month my cycle was 29 days and this month it was 30 days. Now I’m not to keen on the longer cycles. I spent all day yesterday trying to decide whether to buy a pregnancy test or not!

The thing that is making me a tad confused though is that I’m only 34. Am I too young for this to be starting? Is it normal? Or am I being my usual over the top self trying to find a drama in a period?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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