Good Vibrations

Posted: November 18, 2013 in NaBloPoMo, Thoughts and Opinions
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I bought myself this today.


‘A mini vibrating body massager’. I thought it would be an easy cheap way to take out some of those knots in my back caused from the ever increasing stress levels.

I haven’t used it yet but, it has been tried out, by not one, but two men. Not on each other! Hahaha! No, the show I had to witness, on two separate occasions was them rubbing MY body massager all over their nipples!

Alright, so I was laughing more than annoyed which probably egged them on a bit but after the second occasion when I finally got my massager back, with a parting message of make sure I think about where it’s been when I actually use it on myself, I was left thinking what on earth is that all about? Why do men get so excited when they see anything that vibrates? And what the hell is going on with stimulating their nipples in public???

I was thinking do I really care about men’s nipples that much to find out more about them? No, not really, but I can’t be arsed to get on with the work I’m supposed to be doing tonight so I had a look on the net to find out more about men, their nipples and the excitement at seeing something that vibrates.

I’m not even going to share the question/answer page I found on Cosmo that referred to mens nipples as N-zones, headlights and bulls-eyes! *palm face* Why am I even doing this?

I did find this article that may have some male nipple facts that you may find of some interest.

And that’s about it, I gave up!

I now have to run because I have to put in an order for 3 more body massagers. One of the guys wants one for each nipple!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


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