Now as much as i enjoy hearing about how great my 3 year old is, after a long day at work, the last place I wanted to go to at 6pm was his parents evening. I know that probably has me slipping into the ‘bad mum’ bracket but I just felt exhausted. Furthermore, my 2 older kids had been home since 4pm and hadn’t realised that they would have to wait until at least 7pm for me to arrive home, let alone make them dinner! Once I did arrive home I realised they had made up for my lack of parenting by eating an entire tub of ice cream! I haven’t mentioned it, I’m pretending it never happened.

So back to parents evening. I arrived 15 minutes early, which anyone who knows me will realise that this is a miracle in itself. The staff were frantically making sure all the children’s reports were ready to hand to parents and were also putting the finishing touches to the hall.

Do you want to know what those finishing touches involved?

They involved making sure that you, as a parent, are attending the best parents evening you could imagine. You will not want to leave parents evening. You will will want to attend parents evening every week!

Lined up along the table were bottles of wine. White, red, rose, take your pick! Further along a selection of party food, chicken nibbles, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and quiche.

I then saw a member of staff dash to the staff room and run back in, cd in hand. She puts it on and the manager shouts across the room, ‘Turn it up! We need it louder!’

Suddenly the sweet sounds of children singing? No, doesn’t sound like it. Take That? Hmmm I don’t think it is….

…SHABBA RANKS!!!! The sweet sound of SHABBA RANKS, Mr Loverman began to blast from the speaker!!!

Schools and teachers take note, THAT is how you do a parents evening! Alcohol, food and one two bogle is guaranteed to make a parents evening more enjoyable for all involved!

Same time next week?


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