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Their silence
It spoke volumes
Their lack of
As I walk
And think
Cuts deep
You’ve failed
It screams
In my ears
The fight
Was futile
Many years
I have tried
And now it feels
That the battle
Is over
The good
Gone to waste
The ever persistent path
Where I lead the way
Is disappearing
And it hurts
Like a heartbreak
They didn’t even say


Most people love Fridays! Once you leave the office the fun begins. Well it does if you’re young, free and single!

My days of partying it up the whole weekend are long gone and my Friday nights are normally spent planning for the project I run on a Saturday morning. But, as Fridays go, I’ve had an enjoyable day. So here are my best things.

Not having to work on a Friday.

Texting all day long.

My South London bestie telling me that we will have ‘it’ once we’re in our 40’s. ‘It’ being one of my imaginary sun, sea, adventure day dreams which generally involve a toyboy! Lol

A spontaneous child free trip to Westfield with my East London bestie which ended in us having a right sin-a-long to Heart FM on the drive home.
Who remembers this one?