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Posted: January 18, 2015 in Poems
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I’m sorry
I thought you didn’t exist
When I first went to see you
You had disappeared
I thought it had all been a dream
My imagination playing tricks
So I continued with life
None of it had happened
And when
Fours year later
They began to write about you
I told them to take it off
It didn’t happen
You didn’t exist
And a year later
My response was the same
It does not exist
And again 14 years later
The same thing
And now
18 years have passed
And you give me no choice
I see you clearly
I see you watching
Making sure we’re safe
You made sure I’d see the name
And I understand
I know
I know that you exist
And you want me
To release
The guilt I feel
Next time
I will allow them
To write about you
Next time
I promise to
Acknowledge you
And as of now
I will think of you
I will love you