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After having a week of not feeling very well but not being able to quite figure out what was wrong I ended it by having a massive fall! Yesterday while out in an area I don’t know too well, I slipped on the pavement and landed in the full splits (yeah baby! Unknown flexibility!) whilst skinning my knee and getting covered in mud.

Well after that all my plans went through the window. I hobbled to the bus stop with blood seeping through my lovely new skinny jeans and decided the rest of my day would be spent at home. Once on the bus I then started having what felt like an allergic reaction, probably due to stress or shock and by the time I got home I had itchy and swollen hands and feet and couldn’t even bend any of my fingers.

I somehow managed to get the key through the door and rushed to the kitchen sink to run my hands under cold water for 10 minutes which seemed to ease the swelling a little. Of course I had no Piriton in the house! Once I cleaned myself up I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping and feeling pathetically sorry for myself.

Do you know I haven’t fallen and cut my knee since I was about 10 years old? It really hurts! How do kids get over it so quickly?

Anyway, today’s a new day and this is my first post in ages so happy new year people! I know I’m nearly 3 weeks late but better late than never! 😀